Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Loving this weather!!!

We are loving this nice warm weather. I know it's just a tease and that things are going to cool off again soon, but for now, we are trying to spend lots of time outside.
This weekend we went up to the lake with our friends, the Atkinson's (Trevor, Tiara, and Avery). We all rode together in my car (one of the wonderful things about having a big car) and stealing a line from Tiara's blog, "We had a six people, two dogs, tons of luggage, toys, and enough food to stay a week." Robby got a new luggage carrier to fit on our trailer hitch and we never would have made it without that!
Even though it was a short trip, it was a great get-away. The girls had a blast playing together. We hung out on the deck, took walks, went to dinner, and saw the waterfalls.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:
The girls thought taking a bath together was such fun!

Holding hands

Handley checking out a stream and wishing she could get in!

An old, abandoned train...


Our Baby Girl... said...

Love it!!!! I couldn't get my pictures uploaded!! I will keep trying. Thanks again, we had so much fun! BTW, Avery got Handley a Valentine's present. A new straw sippy cup. Let us know when we can bring it over. We are even going to fill it up with Avery juice! Hopefully it will make her day!

Jen said...

Love all the pics. The bathtub one is too cute! Glad you guys had fun and got to enjoy the weather!