Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!

We had a super fun Halloween yesterday!  The kids were excited about no homework for the evening and couldn't wait to trick or treat.

This year Hudson decided early on that he wanted to be a camo ninja. I couldn't believe I was able to find a costume, but I was and he loved it!

Handley wanted to be the heart eyes emoji and we though we could order her costume online, but they were all sold out so I promised her I would make one.  Harper decided being an emoji would be fun, too and then I agreed to join in their fun.  I took these pictures last week so I could share my DIY on The Magnolia Mamas.

For trick-or-treating this year we went over to a friend's house for a little pre trick or treating dinner and then the kids couldn't be held off any longer.

The girls walked together as a group and then there were some boys running around together. It was SO hot though.  At one house the nice lady got the boys a glass of water because she could see them hot and sweaty from their costumes.

Despite the heat, they still had fun and loaded up on candy.  We came home and let them stay up a little while to sort, taste, and make a few trades before we all finally hit the sack.  Another Halloween in the books!


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