Thursday, November 10, 2016

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday and we had a fun/busy weekend!  I laughed because Harper's best friend and I share a birthday and Harper had a big girls night out planned with her to celebrate.  That is when you know you are getting old.  She had better plans than me on my birthday!

Then went to a Japanese steak house and then to the movies.

Meanwhile back home, I was enjoying the nice weather and relaxing on the porch with my favorite guy!

Saturday was full of sports.  Handley's football team made the playoff so they were cheering hard for the team.

Harper had a soccer game and two amazing sisters showed up to her game!  Emma Sonnett (UGA soccer) and Emily Sonnett (US Women's National Soccer Team) were in attendance and took pictures with the girls!

My mom was in town for the weekend to visit and we loved having her here.  We all got together to watch the UGA game on Saturday night and the kids had so much fun playing together. 

We even had a cousin sleepover so everyone could spend more time together.  We were all sad to say goodbye to Mimi the next morning, but can't wait until we are all together again at Christmas!  

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Stefanie said...

We had so much fun with y'all this weekend! Sophia wants a do over. :) We should do that more often (when she'll actually go down easily ;) lol.