Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Fun

Our weekend flew by, as usual, but we managed to squeeze lots of fun in.  The sunny weather was nice and we took advantage of it.  Robby was out of town on a guys ski trip, so Friday after Handley's dance class we just came home and the kids were happy to run around outside before a quick dinner.  Then I put Hudson to bed and the girls and I watched Olympics ice skating in my bed together.

Saturday was spent running a million errands with all three kids, which had my nerves shot by the end of the day.  We did accomplish some things, but it was slow going for sure as I tried to keep everyone corralled.

Saturday evening we spent with Stefanie and Sophia.  Trey was skiing with Robby so the girls planned an evening of fun.  The kids loved seeing Sophia and I couldn't get over how much she had grown since we'd last seen her.  The girls loved helping her walk and after playing outside we went to dinner.  It was late and nearing bedtime and just a disaster with four little ones.  My kids usually do well in restaurants and the girls were fine, but Hudson was beyond tired with no nap that day and he wanted no part in sitting at the table.  Stefanie and I just had to laugh and decided that next time we'd be ordering pizza at the house instead of going out.  It was still fun and I'm happy we got to see them!

Hudson wanted no part of this next picture.  He was so happy to be playing outside and had found a stick that he was pretending was a sword.  BUT, I wanted a picture with all of the cousins, so he obliged, but without a smile.  :-)

Today when it warmed up the kids played outside and then we had a picnic in the driveway.  I can certainly say they were outside more today than they were indoors.

We welcomed Robby home late this afternoon and then we all loaded up for a walk at the park. The girls wanted to "jog" along with us and Hudson saw them out and wanted out of the stroller, too.  We finally let him out towards the middle and he surprised us all by running the rest of the way and running pretty fast!

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Julie, the mama said...

I always loved those sneak peak spring days in Atlanta!

2 things from the pictures - Handley is getting TALL and Hudson is looking more like the brother and less like the baby brother. He'll catch up with the girls before we turn around good, I bet.