Sunday, February 9, 2014

K is for Krispy Kreme

Friday morning started off pretty great because it was K week at school for Harper.  Each day they can bring in something to share (sort of like show and tell) that begins with the letter of the week and Harper likes to make sure she doesn't bring something that someone else has already brought.  Some weeks are easier than others, but for some reason, we were having a hard time coming up with some other K items.  Then all of the sudden on Friday morning Krispy Kreme popped in my head and I knew for sure what she would be taking that day.  We did an early morning stop and she and Hudson were very happy to have donuts for breakfast, to get the fun hats, and to get donut holes to share with Harper's class.

The rest of our weekend was pretty uneventful, but we did get a lot done around here.  I helped the kids work on their valentine boxes and valentines for their classmates.  Robby worked at the new house all day Saturday, and we all did a little antiquing late this afternoon.  Saturday night was fun because we met up with Ryan, Heather and Rylan for dinner and enjoyed catching up with them.

Hudson is really into puzzles right now and he's actually really good at them. He does virtual puzzle games on the ipad all the time and he will do the same puzzles at home over and over again. Today he roped Robby into doing some of them with him and he was SO excited to have him helping.  As soon as they were done he'd mess them up and say, "Let's do it again!"

The big talk today is of more snow and ice headed our way in the next few days and I have a hunch the kids won't end up having their valentine parties at school.  Some of the weather folks are guessing the kids will be out of school Tues.-Fri.  We'll see, but I know one thing...we will be prepared this time.

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