Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Marble Jars, part 2

Today we started off with what I predict will be our daily routine on days we have no other plans.  We walked around our neighborhood, did a few things around the house and then loaded up with our picnic lunches to head to the pool.  I wish I had a video camera going at the pool today.  If I did it would have captured all sorts of fun!  While wearing her puddle jumper float, Harper jumped in again and again and eventually was jumping in off the side by herself, going under, and "swimming" back to the steps by herself.  She didn't want me to help her and was such a little fish in the water.  Handley, who is much more cautious in the water, was swimming independently with no floaties for pretty good distances at the end of our 3 hours there.   She was so proud of herself and kept telling me that Mrs. Angie (her swim teacher) would be so impressed.  She was right because it was like all the things she had learned last year came right back to her.  She was getting toys off the bottom of the pool and wanted to swim between me and the stairs over and over and over.  As we were getting ready to leave both girls layed down on their towels and probably would have fallen asleep right there if I let them.  They were both exhausted from all of the swimming.

This afternoon we had a special treat planned.  Harper recently got a marble jar to go along with Handley's and this reward system is working just as well with her as it does with Handley.  She can be so stubborn, but when I remind her of earning marbles she usually will jump at the chance and do whatever it is I'm asking of her.  Both girls filled up their jars earlier this week and this afternoon as their special reward we went to a new frozen yogurt place, Cowlicks.

We invited our playgroup friends to join us, too!  Handley was most excited about being able to put her own toppings on the ice cream.  Knowing this I gave her a little bit of frozen yogurt and let her pile on the toppings.  I told her she could pick 3 and she ended up with marshmallows, gummy worms and chocolate chips.  Harper picked sprinkles and M&M's.

After everyone was done eating the girls enjoyed playing together and must have made quite an impression on the employees there because the guy behind the counter was giving them extra gummy worms and sharing pictures of his pets with all of them before we left. It was too cute!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nature Center and Water Fun

It's only day 2 of our summer vacation, but we're already packing in the fun activities.  This morning we made our way to the Chattahoochee Nature Center with some of our playgroup friends. None of us had ever been there and we weren't exactly sure what to expect, but it was an educational and entertaining morning.  The kids got to see all sorts of animals and birds including snakes, turtles, fish, owls, hawks, and even two bald eagles.  

The little kids checking out the snakes and an owl

The "big" kids were all about the maps.  You should have seen them as they were "reading" the maps to us, pointing us in the right direction, and telling us all sorts of interesting facts.

While the gang had fun seeing the animals, wildlife, and nature, I think they had the most fun playing in the little log cabin that was on the property.  We spent at least 30 minutes there as they all took on all sorts of different family roles, made a pretend campfire and even pretended to roast marshmallows and make s'mores with the bark Handley found to look like graham crackers.  :-)

This afternoon we stayed cool in the heat with some water fun at our playgroup this afternoon.  Christy had a slip-n-slide, a kiddie pool and a water table set up for the kids to enjoy.  It was the first time Handley and Harper got to try out a slip-n-slide and they had so much fun!  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Avery's Birthday Party and Six Flags

Yesterday we didn't waste a minute!  We started off the day at Avery's 4th Birthday Party!  It was at a painting place and all the kids followed the teacher's directions to paint their own canvas of a princess.  It was such a cute party and everyone had lots of fun.

Haandley's completed princess picture

These two girls have been friends since before they were one and now they are turning 4!!!!  It's just hard for me to believe they are getting so big!

Next it was a quick wardrobe chance for us and we were off to meet Robby at Six Flags for the Racetrac Family Fun Day!  When we arrived Robby was at his "station" greeting people to the large picnic pavilion dedicated for Racetrac employees and their families.  They had food, popsicles, carnival games, face painting, characters, and tons of fun!

We met up with Trey and Stefanie there and started making our way through the park.  It was SUCH a hot day yesterday, but we made the most of it and actually stayed a lot longer than I thought we would.

Handley loved cooling off in the misters around the park. 

Handley was so excited to ride all the rides.  She kept wanting to go on the BIG roller coasters, but unfortunately was a little to short for those.  However, she did get to ride the Mine Train and was all smiles when she got off and couldn't wait to ride more.

After Harper saw how much fun Handley was having she decided that she would like to try out some rides too.  Unfortunately, she fell asleep in the stroller about this point because it was way past her nap time.

When we made it to the kiddie section I woke her up so she could enjoy some of the rides too.  She was too short for some, but got to ride a few.  I thought for sure she would start crying when she got to the top of this bucked ride (especially because Handley kept making their bucket swing), but she got off and was all smiles and proud of herself for riding it.

After leaving Six Flags we made our way up to Gigi and Papa's house to drop off the girls for a sleep-over.  They had been talking about it all week and when we arrived we found their driveway lined with a kiddie pool, sprinkler, outdoor kitchen area and all sorts of other fun summer toys.  The girls were in heaven as they started playing and it didn't take Handley long to prompt Robby and I to make our departure.  Robby and I got to enjoy a nice dinner out last night and then spent the rest of the evening in search of the perfect birthday present for Handley.  After such a busy day I was very thankful to get to sleep in this morning. :-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pre-School Family Fun Day

Today was the pre-school Family Fun Day.  They had jumpy things, hoola hoops, parachutes, bean bag toss, and all sorts of other games.

While all that was fun, the biggest appeal for my girls was the cotton candy and snow cones.  :-)  

They were also excited to have their faces painted.

This afternoon we decided to try out our pool for the first time this season.  The cold temperatures earlier this week made the pool water really chilly, but neither of them seemed to care.  They both kept jumping in, swimming, and neither of them wanted to leave.  I can't wait to spend lots and lots of time there this summer.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

End of Year Ceremony

Tonight we attended Handley's pre-school end of the year program.  The 3 year old classes sang 3 songs on stage including her favorites, Jesus in the Morning and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands.  All week long Handley has been telling Harper "rules" about the performance such as 1)You can't pull your dress up, 2) Keep your hands out of your mouth and face, 3) Don't put your hands in your pockets, 4) Don't suck your thumb, etc.  She also wanted me to be sure that Harper didn't do any of those things.  I'm sure these are the things her teachers have been telling them about the performance and I thought it was so cute that she wanted to pass along that info to Harper.  

Parents were allowed to move to the front of the sanctuary as their kids performed.  I was happy to have a front row seat, but Handley got sort of distracted at times she was so happy to see us right there.  We all watched proudly as Handley and her classmates sang their songs, did their dances, and smiled so big that I thought she might burst.  Harper was so excited to see Handley up on stage and I could tell she was proud of her big sister as she clapped and cheered after every song.  

If you'd like to watch a little clip from one of their songs follow the link here:

Handley and one of her classmates after the show