Friday, May 1, 2009

3 weeks old today...

and I'm loving those big round cheeks!

I really remember that when Handley was 3 weeks old she finally seemed to "wake up" out of the super sleepy newborn phase. I kept waiting for that to happen with Harper and today it did. Don't get me wrong, she still sleeps the majority of the day, but today she actually had several times during the day that she was awake, happy, and just looking around. They didn't last long, but we at least got to see her eyes!

Handley is the sweetest big sister and I just love watching and listening to her interact with Harper. She doesn't like me to take their picture together for some reason, but she asks to hold her all the time. Also, when they are riding side-by-side in the double stroller or in the car and Harper starts to get fussy, Handley reaches over and holds her hand. It melts my heart.


Carrie Davis said...

OH my gosh!! Cograts. I'm sorry that i haven't been over here in a little while - Harper is beautiful!!!

Kathy Mills said...

I see a little bit of Handley in this picture! LOVE those cheeks:-)