Thursday, March 2, 2017

Family Ski Trip {Part Two}

The second part of our trip was all about family time.  The kids skied with their ski instructor the first two days and the second two days they were with us.  

We confirmed what we already lesson are worth every penny.  We love skiing together as a family, but it is not easy.  Kids fall down, someone gets upset, skis fall off, we slow down the lift lines, etc.  It is all a challenge.  

Parents are the ones that that have to help with all those little mishaps and when you are on skis on the side of the mountain the little mishaps can feel like big ole problems!  At one point I was trying to help one of the kids get back on their feet and ended up falling over myself which caused us both to get tangled.  However, the reward is worth it - three confident and competent skiers!  

Except when I want to take a picture of all of them. Ha! We had gotten them all lined up for a picture and then all of the sudden a huge gust of wind came and literally knocked them all down, tangling their skis.  They were all cracking up!  

Seriously though, skiing together as a family is one of my very favorite things to do for a family vacation.  We are outdoors, being active, having fun and making memories.  

Generally, when we take family trips we let the kids each pick one souvenir.  After dinner one night we walked around town and popped into a lot of the little t-shirt shops on the hunt for the perfect souvenir for each of them.  I loved this evening so much because there is something so magical walking around a town covered in snow and filled with twinkling lights.  

The girls both picked t-shirts, but Hudson knew what he wanted from day one. He had seen this little dog in the gift shop at the hotel and it was all he wanted.  It even was wearing a blue hoodie like he loves to wear.

Our hotel had a lot of really fun things like smores in the evening. 

The lobby had big fireplaces and comfy leather chairs and sofas with lots of games. Hudson loved playing big checkers, so we played it every chance we got!

For someone who doesn't love to ski I will say it again...a family ski trip is one of the best family vacations we have ever taken.  Already looking forward to next year! 

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