Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend, was a much needed 3-day break from school.  The kids loved having time at home to just play and enjoy.  We also got a lot accomplished and although it would have been more fun to be away for the weekend, we took advantage of being home. We did lots of things like get new tires on my car and clean out some things from the garage. You know, the necessary things that aren't fun, but good to get checked off the list.

On Friday night the girls and I went to the high school football game. The youth cheerleaders and football players were able to go on the field before the game started as the high school players ran on the field.  After Handley loved seeing the high school cheerleaders and both girls were excited to spend some time with their friends in the stands.

Saturday Robby and I were able to go to the UGA game at the Dome.  The kids were excited for football season and decked out in their red and black.  We had a lot of fun at the game and can't wait to take the kids to a game soon!

We spent the next two days shopping for a new mattress.  You know what is pretty awkward and funny and just weird all at the same time...testing out a new mattress.  You want to lay down and see what it will feel like, but I couldn't stop laughing as the sales people would try to give us their best pitch as we were laying there.  The kids thought it was a playground and had no problem testing them out.  We had fun with it though and ended up with a new one so hoping our backs will feel much better on this new and improved model.

And last, but not least, we visited our favorite discount store to buy some new sheets for our new bed and while we were doing that the kids were on a treasure hunt. Years ago they started finding the plastic size markers that would fall off the hangers and be under the racks.  They called them treasures and started collecting.  Well now every time we go in a store they want to know if it has "treasures."  They crack me up and get so excited about finding them and adding to their collection!

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