Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hudson's First Baseball Game

Hudson has been waiting on this day for a while now and the night was finally here...his very first baseball game!!!!

I got there about half-way through because I was at soccer with Harper, but he was so excited to see us when we arrived and was waving proudly from the field.

At his age it is coach pitch at first and if they don't hit after the first 4 pitches they put the tee out for them to hit off of.  The first time at bat he ended up hitting off the tee and the second time he got a hit from a pitch! Actually first he hit a ball that was a pop-up foul ball and then he got a hit.

He played the pitcher position a few innings and said he loved that part best.  The person in that position wears a mask to protect themselves from a line drive and he said that is why he liked that position.  Because he got to wear a mask and wear his hat backwards.

After the game they all loved the snacks and then their coach gave out the game ball and Hudson got it!  His coach said it was because he did great fielding balls and throwing to first base.  He was SO proud and so were we!

When we got home he wanted to put it on the shelf in his room. He put it up high because he said he wanted all of his friends to be able to see it when they come over. :-) 

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