Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend in Review

Last Friday Harper's class was giving presentations and the parents were invited to come watch.  Each student brought five items that represented something about themselves and talked about it to the class.  Harper's 5 items were a stuffed dog because she has a dog, a shell because she loves the beach, a toy owl because owl's are her favorite animal, her soccer trophy because she loves to play soccer and an aqua colored pencil because that is her favorite color.  She did a great job presenting to the class.

From there Hudson and I went over to his school for his meet and greet!  He was so excited. Since the girls started last week he had been waiting for his turn.  They completed a little art project, did a scavenger hunt around the class and did some fun finger plays with his teacher.  He starts this morning and I'm so excited for him!

Our weekend was pretty busy. We went out to dinner with friends on Friday, Hudson's baseball skills evaluation was Saturday and the girls both had playdates.  Sunday was church followed by a birthday party and playdate for Hudson and Handley's first all-star cheer practice. We also squeezed in lots of Olympics watching, too.  The weekend went by way too quickly, but we're excited about another great week ahead!