Friday, August 19, 2016


I feel like I've bene MIA around here on my blog.  Truth is we've just been so busy that I have hardly had time to sit down.  The hours Hudson is in school seems to fly by with errands and chores and then as soon as the kids are home from school I feel like I'm running a marathon.  Homework is always up first, followed by a quick wardrobe change and then we are off to our activities for the evening.  I though we were going to be simplifying a bit having the kids each choose one sport to take part in this year, but since they have gotten more involved with their chosen sports, that means multiple practices a week.  Pretty much we have something every single day.  Throw that in with back to school stuff and we've not had a spare second! They love it though and I love watching them do what they love so for now it's working.  Just makes for long afternoons and evenings and a lot of dinners on the run, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Handley and her new allstar cheer squad have started practicing together two days a week and she LOVES it so much.  The girls are all really sweet and she is so excited about this year with them.

She is also continuing got do her stunt and tumbling classes and doing SO great.  She just got her back handspring this week, which is something she has been working hard on for SO long.  I was so proud of her when her coach sent me the video!

This guy is pretty much baseball obsessed and it is SO cute.  He wishes he had practice every day.  :-)  He liked playing soccer, but I he was never as committed and excited about it as he is with baseball. His coach is great and I can see Hudson really trying to take the instruction and work to make himself better.  Can't wait until their first game in a few weeks!

He also has a serious game face!  Haha!  He means business when he's ready for practice.

Harper has continued to have soccer practice and still seems to really be liking her new team. I haven't gotten many pictures of her because I usually have to drop her off and run another kid to another practice.  She had a friend over to spend the night last weekend though and they made an Olympic rings treat! 

 Open house was last week at the school a few nights and I was able to go and hear from the teachers more about this school year.  I love both of their teachers and I know it will be a good school year for them.  When I walked into Handley's class we saw these cute balloon people they had made. She even gave herself a colorful manicure! 

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