Sunday, October 11, 2015

Random Ramblings from this week!

This past week was National Walk To School Day and while we live too far away and on too busy of a road to walk from home, I drove and parked in a nearby neighborhood so the girls could still participate.  They thought it was so much fun!  

Hudson had seen some of his friends playing a game that he just thought was the coolest thing ever and I finally downloaded it for him and the girls.  Oh my.  They are obsessed with the game and Hudson informed me the other day that his new game was "efic."  I'm guessing that meant epic.

Then later that evening he was so excited Robby got home early so he could go out and help with the yard work. Like father, like son.

On Friday afternoon Harper was so excited to get home off the bus and show me that she got to bring home their class mascot, Wally the Whale.  He got to go on all sorts of adventures over the weekend with us and then we are supposed to take pictures and write about his weekend with us.  His first adventure was a playdate with Harper's sweet friend and a golf cart ride!

Later that night Trey and Stefanie came over for a last minute dinner.  It was so nice to have the cousins all together playing and having fun!

Saturday was a busy day!  We went to the preschool fall festival, then to Handley's cheerleading game while Hudson and Robby were at Hudson's soccer game.  Handley's team did awesome and won another one and of course the cute cheerleaders did a great job!

Hudson and Robby showed up just as the game was ending and I was SO excited to get the recap from Hudson's game.  He ran up and said, "Mommy!  I got to goals and a ring pop!" He was probably more excited about the ring pop than the goals.

Gigi and Papa came to watch Harper and Hudson play soccer a few weeks ago and this week it was their time to come watch Handley cheer!  The kids were all so happy to see them.

After that we were off to the elementary school fall festival.  The kids thought it was fun because we got to park at a nearby park and take the school bus shuttle to the festival.

Harper was thrilled to run into her teacher there!  And of course we had Wally the Whale with us, too!

We came home and did a little modeling shot with the girls and caught up on the disappointing football game.  Our Dawgs just can't seem to get a win these past few weeks.  These girls were looking super cute though.  The girls just love any chance to be a "model" for our Magnolia Mamas blog and this day was no different.  They were coming up with all sorts of "poses" to show me.  :-)

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