Sunday, June 18, 2017

End of School, End of Soccer

We've really been enjoying our summer and I've unintentionally taken a break from this blog, but want to catch up and share all of the fun.

The girls got out of school just before Memorial Day.  They both had such a great year with wonderful teachers and I'm shocked that how quickly the school year passed by.  However, we were so ready for summer and couldn't wait for a break from school.

Harper made lots of great friends this year and sadly one of them will be moving away in just another week or so.  Makes us all sad!

The girls had a fun last day of school and we celebrated as they got off the bus with water balloons before heading to go swimming for the afternoon.

The week before school got out soccer also wrapped up for the season.  The girls played in their first tournament and it was cut short by some bad weather, but they did amazing.

Going into the second day they were tied for first place so they got awarded champion medals!  Her sweet coach did an awards presentation after their tryouts for next year and all the girls were so happy!

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