Sunday, April 16, 2017

8 is GREAT!!!

We celebrated Harper's 8th birthday last week and since her birthday falls around spring break, the Masters, and Easter each year, we did her party a little early this year.  She wanted a minute to win it themed game party and it was a blast!  The kids all had so much fun!

She wanted an ice cream bar for dessert instead of cupcakes so that is exactly what we did!  It was a sweet treat for our super sweet girl.  

On her real birthday Robby got up early to make a donut run before school.  It's always hard waking up on a Monday after a week long break, but having donuts for your birthday breakfast makes it so much easier.

That afternoon I brought cake-pops to lunch so she could celebrate with her class and then the next day we had popsicles after soccer practice. I'd say we celebrated our girl every chance we could get and are so happy she now belongs to the 8 is great club!

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