Sunday, January 8, 2017

SNOW Days!

Last week the talk of the town was the snow we might get and by Friday afternoon we are all hunkered down and waiting on the winter weather to arrive.  Hudson kept watching and waiting and hoping for snow. 

The kids did their regular superstitious rituals to make it snow.  Pajamas inside out and flushing ice cubes down the potty!

The next morning when I woke up and peeked outside I was so bummed to see just a dusting of snow.  I figured the kids would be just as disappointed, but they were so pumped and so excited to see the little snow we did get.

There wasn't much in our yard, but across the creek there was more!  Everything was pretty much iced over.

From the plants to the basketball goal and everything in between.  It was all covered in ice! 

The kids loved it!  They thought it was so much fun and stayed out all day to play.  The driveway was also like a big ice skating rink.  They ate icicles, did donuts with Robby in the golf cart, and pretended to ice skate all day long.

Walker loved it, too!  He didn't want to come inside and when I finally made him he sat at the door whining to go back out.  

It was a great day and was all had so much fun just being at home together and enjoying the unexpected day at home.  By today we were able to get out and do some things this afternoon like a birthday party and practice, but the best news came this afternoon when we learned that schools would be canceled tomorrow!  Things around us are fine, but in other parts of the county the roads are still pretty icy.  Even if our snow is gone, we'll still take it! 

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