Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Keeping Busy

It's no secret that we have been keeping really busy. Between school and sports we have very little downtime, but I love it and love watching the kids do what they do.  I recently saw something that said, "kids make the best kind of busy" and that couldn't be more true!

We are loving Hudson's baseball seasons even though it will soon be coming to an end.  He has learned a lot and has played great!  

Even Daddy has gotten on board and helped at a few practices and ran the score board a few times. 

I took the girls and a friend to watch our high school's cheer squad compete and see one of our friends. She did great and it made the older two girls so excited to cheer that night.  

They looked great and did so awesome at the game.  And, we made the run-through sign, so it was a fun game. 

Harper continues to practice hard for soccer and is doing so awesome.  Her coach is wonderful and we just love watching her each week get better and better. 

While she is usually running a million miles an hour, she is loving the after school yoga club she just started.  Her and some of her sweet friends were practicing their yoga in the yard at her friend's house.  

With a busy weekend of sports, we still like to squeeze in some other fun stuff and last weekend was Octoberfest at our school.  The crazy administration team dressed up in Frozen costumes. 

The kids had fun on rides and in the bouncy houses. 

We topped off our day with snow cones! 

Just a few other random pics to share. Walker had to go to the vet last week and he is always so excited to get to go on a car ride! 

And this nut told me the other day, "I need that stuff that goes on your armpits."  He keeps me laughing! 

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