Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lots of Games!!!

In between the cheer competitions and all of everyone's practices we're also going to lots of games.  Hudson's baseball game was rained out one Saturday morning that Gigi and Papa were going to attend so they came to one during the week instead.  He was so happy to have them their watching and he played a great game.

His awareness of the game and what is actually going on has improved so much since last season and when he gets the ball he knows just where to go with it to try to get an out.

He loves hitting, too and is hoping for a home run at least once this season! 

This girl had an awesome game last weekend.  It was their first time playing on a larger field in a 7 vs. 7 style game with goalies and against another club team.  Her team did just what they were supposed to and won 4-2.  They played their hearts out and used team work and Harper scored one of the goals. She was so proud and so excited!

With spring break coming up we'll have a little bit of a break from everyone's practices and games, but part of me wishes they could keep on playing so they didn't loose their momentum.  It's been so much fun to watch and cheer them on!

Cheer Competitions #2 and #3

I feel like these past few weeks have been a blur.  Between all three kids' sports we are constantly on the go and rarely at home.  I wouldn't trade it for the world though and I absolutely love being able to fully invest all of our time into the things they love.  

Handley had two cheer competitions back to back weekends and we all had the best time!  Her team looked AMAZING and we couldn't get over the improvement from their first competition to these.  Those kids work so hard and their determination and team work shows when they are up on the stage competing.  

After they compete they have time to hang out as a team and just have fun!  This is such a sweet group of kids and they all have gotten to be such great friends. 

Gigi and Papa came to watch and were really impressed!  

Awards were so exciting because we knew they had performed so well.  The top three teams got called up on stage and our kids got 2nd place.  We learned later they were only .05 points away from first.  SO close!!!  

We were all so very proud of them and all of their hard work paid off! 

After awards we went to dinner as a team and had at the best time.  The kids all sat together and enjoyed the evening!

Their third competition was last weekend and we had another fun day.  We have to arrive pretty early so they have time to warm up, practice, and be sure everyone is ready.  

Harper and I were there to cheer Handley on in our black and teal while the boys were at baseball. 

Handley's bestie, Olivia, even got to come watch. We were so happy to have her and her mom there to cheer her on. 

Because of a crazy 1 point deduction over a discrepancy about one of the stunts in the routine the kids ended with a 3rd place finish.  Without the deduction they would have tied for first so we still knew they did great and now they have just a few weeks left to practice before their last competition of the year!  We're sure they will bring home first!!! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

First Cheer Competition and First Baseball Game

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been!  Robby is in Japan for work right now (crazy!!!) so I've been super busy here at home with him gone.  However, before he left we got to squeeze in a fun filled weekend.  Handley had her first cheer competition, Hudson had his first spring baseball game of the season and sweet Harper agreed to miss her first soccer game so she could be with us for all of that.

Handley's competition was in Tennessee so we made our way up on Friday night.  We checked into our hotel late that night and had a 5AM wake-up call the next morning.  The girls and I went early and the boys came a little later that morning.

Handley was so excited and nervous and anxious and I shared all her emotions.  She has been working so hard with her team and this was what they had been preparing for.  She looked so cute in her uniform and the team was ready.

They competed very early and did really well for their first competition. I think it was a learning experience for all of them because most of them had never done competition cheer before.

There were a few bobbles and some mistakes here and there, but overall they did great for their first completion and ended up with a 2nd place finish.

Handley LOVED every second of the day.  She loved competing and she loved hanging out with her cheer friends after while waiting on awards.  It was safe to say she was hooked.

After her awards we were on our way back to GA for Hudson's first baseball game of the season.  I had a feeling he would do well after seeing him in practice these past few weeks and I was right!  He had amazing hits, great fielding and had the best time playing.  Their team didn't win, but he played his heart out and was awarded the first game ball!  He was so proud and we were so proud of him.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Braves Spring Training Weekend

On the go is how I would describe our life right now. Not only are we busy with school, sports, and other extra curricular things, but we've been squeezing in a bunch of travel, too! Last weekend we had hardly gotten back on track from being on Winter Break and then we were off again.  This time we were headed to Orlando for the Braves Spring Training weekend.  

We arrived Friday morning and it was gorgeous there!  A little cool for Orlando, but still so nice, sunny and tropical.

We put on our Braves gear and made our way to the stadium for the game.  The girls had fun cheering on our team.

This guy was SO excited!  He watched every little thing the players were doing and took mental notes of everything happening on the field.

That evening we got changed quickly for the dinner and Hudson was happy to see some of the special guest super heroes!

 Saturday was a full day!  We got to the ball park early and had fun watching batting practice.

Hudson hung out hoping for a ball to come up his way and two of the Marlin's players tossed him balls!

 Then we got to do an autograph session with players and coaches.  Bobby Cox was even there!

That afternoon we went to Universal. We'd never been with the kids so it was fun to explore and ride a bunch of the rides.  We ended the night with the Mardi Gras parade and that might have been the kids' favorite thing!

They loved catching beads and you would have thought we were in New Orleans. The parade was fantastic and so entertaining.

The next day we headed home so Handley could get back for cheer practice, but it was nice to get home and have an evening there to catch our breaths before school the next day!