Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our New Golden Puppy!

Since we lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Sydney, almost 3 years ago, we have been waiting for the right time to get another dog.  The kids (mostly Handley) have been asking about getting another dog every single day.  We kept telling them we had to be settled in our new house before that would happen. We knew we wanted another Golden I have been looking for close to a year now.  We searched rescue clubs, breeders, and everything in between, but decided that for our family, a new puppy was the way to go.  The right opportunity came about just a few weeks ago and a quick turn of events made today the day. We called Gigi to see if she would mind coming to stay with the kids while we told them we were running out to do something for Robby's work.

We met with the breeder, checked out her adult dogs and her puppies and ended up leaving with this sweet little guy.

The cutest little fur-ball you ever did see.  I was totally prepared for him to whine in the car and the whole way home, but he just layed in my lap and looked around.  When we got home we told the kids we got them a treat for being so good for Gigi and they guessed that it was frozen yogurt.  Needless to say, they were all SO surprised and SO happy when they saw what the treat really was.  The puppy immediately started playing with them, giving kisses, and chasing them around the yard.  Everyone was fast friends and it seemed that he knew right away that we were his new family.

We came up with several names and let the kids each have a say so, but ultimately we all decided to go with Walker Hurley.  His dad's name was Johnny Cash, so we took his popular song, Walk the Line, into play when choosing the name and thought Walker had a nice ring to it. Hurley, the surf/wakeboard brand, was a close second for his name so we decided that would be his middle name.

Walker had a great evening at his new home, stuck close to us all, and seems to be settling in just fine here. We are so happy to have another dog in our life and can't wait for the awesome memories we will make with him as part of our family!

Mimi and Dadaw Visit!

We just had an incredible weekend with my parents here visiting. They arrived really late on Thursday night and the girls were super excited when Mimi woke up early to go to the bus stop with them on Friday morning.  

My mom and I went to lunch with both girls and what are the odds, but both of their classes ended up eating in their classrooms that day as a special treat.  Both teachers were sweet as can be though and let us come hang out in their classes during lunchtime.  

Friday afternoon we enjoyed the wonderful weather and just let the kids play outside before Uncle Trey and Sophia came over for dinner.  

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the girls' cheerleading.  This happened to also be their first home game.  It rained off and on all morning, but it wasn't too bad to sit through.  

The girls did a great job cheering and had so much fun having a crowd their to watch them.

Back at home we ate a quick lunch and got ready to cheer on the Dawgs!  After that we pretty much alternated between watching football and playing outside all day long.  It was awesome weather and I just loved every second of having my family here.

The guys even got a wild hair to take the golf cart out and the kids love riding in this little cart thing.  It is totally not safe, but they don't care and no one will listen to me.

Hudson enjoyed pretending to drive Sophia around and the kids are so happy to have the golf cart back here at our house instead of at the lake.

We were sad to see my parents leave this morning, but know it won't be too long before Christmas and when we can see them again!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Key West Getaway

Last week I really enjoyed spending the first part of the week at home with the kids for fall break and then the second part of the week I got to go on a little getaway with Robby!  It was so fun for us to get away and spend some time together just the two of us and with some friends, too!  We had so much fun and since I had never been to Key West, I was excited to see what it was all about.

We spent lots of time on the boat and Robby spent lots of time lobstering.  They all caught so many and I can't wait to cook some up here at home!

We also got to see some of the sights, eat some great food, and dance the nights away.

It was the perfect little getaway and I am so grateful for Gigi and Papa who kept the kids and kept them happy here at home. Gigi went out of her way to make sure they would have a fun fall break and they did everything from the zoo, the movies, playgrounds and parks to ice cream, American Girl, and they even went to the lake one day!

We were so excited and ready to come home and see the kids, but loved our time away, too!  If anyone wants to read more details about Key West and our trip, click HERE to read my Magnolia Mama blog post on the Keys!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend in Review

We had a super busy weekend, but lots of fun happened in three days.  On Friday night Robby and I had a work dinner to attend so Bryn babysat the kids and they had a blast playing with her and having a movie night.  Then Saturday morning the girls and I were off to their away football game.  It was a haul to get there, but our team won again so it was a fun game.  And, the best part about it was that the weather had cooled off and it actually felt a little like fall football weather.  The girls were even complaining a little when we got out of the car that they were chilly. I just reminded them of what last week was like and they quickly changed their tunes!

After each game the cheerleaders gather with the football players at their post-game huddle and do a cheer or two for them up close. It's so cute! 

After their game we had to pick up my consignment stuff that didn't sell and that meant we were near our old stomping ground.  A trip to McEntyre's Bakery for lunch was definitely in order.  

Saturday night we had another dinner to attend so the kids got another fun night with a babysitter. It's usually so rare for us to go out and leave them with a sitter (since Gigi and Papa usually are the ones to keep them) so it was odd for them to have two nights back-to-back.  We got great reports both nights though so I know they had a good time.  

Sunday we spent doing projects around the house while Handley was at a spa party with her friend from Kindergarten and then we all got to attend Leah's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese.  The kids LOVED playing the games, earning tickets, and choosing their prizes.  Hudson spotted this monster truck immediately and couldn't wait to drive it! 

And, this week has gotten off to a lazy, low-key start.  It's fall break for all three kids so we have enjoyed staying up late, sleeping in, and just relaxing around the house.  A much needed break from our normally busy schedules.  This little guy is taking full advantage of the time at home to dress up in his favorite super hero costume.  He calls himself "Superman Batman" and runs around with his cape flying behind him.  He LOVES all things superhero right now and thinks capes are just he coolest.  One funny little story to share - Last week we got the Party City costume catalog and I saw an adorable Olaf costume on the front. I immediately thought how cute it would be for him to dress up as the beloved snowman and the girls to be the princesses from the movie, Frozen.  I showed the costume to him and tried to get him excited about that idea.  He just kind of looked at me and then pointed to the picture of the Incredible Hulk and said he liked that one better.  He then proceeded to flip through the catalog pointing out every other super hero or scary monster looking costume and tell me he really loved those best and wanted to be one of them.  Ok, little guy, point taken.  He continued to carry that catalog with him showing anyone who would look at it all of the awesome super hero costumes and even slept with it a few nights.  It reminded me of the girls sleeping with the American Girl catalogs when they were younger.  I guess that means he will be some sort of super hero for Halloween!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Robby!!!

Today we celebrated Robby's birthday!  It being in the middle of the week didn't stop us from having a little celebration this evening.  Today Hudson and I ran around and got stuff we needed. Hudson was so excited about the "birthday party" and couldn't wait to eat ice cream cake.  We needed to pick up the cake right after school and he is always starving (and so am I) because it is lunchtime so we had a lunch date. I am just loving this one-on-one time with my blue-eyed-boy.

Right after this picture was taken he spilt chocolate milk all over himself!  Never a dull moment.

After school the kids made cards and pictures for Robby and helped me set up on our porch. Then we went to cheer practice and on the way home, we picked up calzones (per the birthday boy's request) for dinner.  The kids wanted so badly to beat Robby home so they could hide and yell "SURPRISE" but that didn't happen.  They were still excited to show him the party set-up and the other big surprise was that Gigi and Papa decided to join us at the last minute on their way home from the airport.

It was a fun evening and there is no way we could have let this day go by without making him feel special and appreciated!  He does so much for our family, is such a dedicated husband and father, works his tail off to provide for all of us, makes us laugh each and every day, and loves us all like crazy.  That's why we are all so crazy about him!  Happy Birthday!!!  We love you!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Magnolia Mamas {Giveaway}

Hello loyal readers!  Those of you that have followed along with me for years might be interested to know that my best friend, Jen, and I have started a new blog that has been in the works for quite some time.  We have been talking about and planning for a while now, but the blog is finally a reality and we are so excited.  We are sharing everything from DIY projects, recipes, mommy fashion, decorating, printables and our busy mommy lives.  I will definitely still be writing here on my personal blog, but I hope you will all go check it out this new one, too!

We are in full football mode now and loving cheering for our Bulldawgs!  I made these cute burlap door hangers to hang on our front doors and I also shared a tutorial on Magnolia Mamas for anyone that might want to make some of their own.

And for anyone that doesn't want to make them, we are doing a BIG GIVEAWAY for one of these door hangers.  It's so simple to enter the drawing, so be sure to check it out HERE and leave a comment by tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight for a chance to win one personalized for your favorite team. :-)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Game!

Today was the first football game for the 2nd grade Walton Raiders!  It was an away game so a bit of a haul to get there, but the girls were so excited, so that made me excited.  Harper is getting to cheer "up" so that she and Handley are on the same squad.  I've been so excited about seeing both of them in their cheer uniforms and my camera didn't stop snapping pictures today. 

 It was SO very hot today. Like 97 or 98 degrees and we were all just roasting.  The girls were all such great sports though and despite the heat they all cheered hard and looked precious.

Handley LOVES cheering. I think if she had to pick just one extra-curricular activity it would be cheerleading. She smiles the entire time she is on the field and always practices her cheers and dance at home.

Harper on the other hand, is the really athletic one who is rough and tumble, loves to wrestle with Hudson, and runs, runs, runs everywhere she goes.  She had the hardest time deciding between soccer and cheerleading for this fall, but she ultimately wanted to cheer with Handley.  She has had fun and couldn't wait for the game today, but if I had to put money on it, I think she will most likely end up doing some other sport long term. That being said, she did look precious out there and seemed to really have fun, so who knows!

They both told me their favorite part of the game was when the got to go to the middle of the field at halftime to do a few cheers.

The cute little football players had a great game and we won 20-12, so it was a great start to the season!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We just celebrated the end of summer with a great weekend at the lake. It was the making of a perfect time...3 day holiday weekend, the first UGA game of the season, great weather and great friends.  We got the fun started on Friday afternoon and we all had fun swimming and tubing after dinner.

Saturday spent most of the day at a beach hanging out, swimming, and then finished up our time on the water with some wake-boarding.  Handley is getting SO good, Harper has fun trying and is getting up on her own for a short distance now, and Hudson loves riding with Robby on his board.

We made our way back to the house to get decked out in our red and black and made tailgate food to get ready to cheer on the DAWGS!!! It was such a fun and exciting first half and we were all glad that the second half really was in our favor.  There is nothing better than a big win for the first game of the season.

Leaving today was bitter sweet.  The end of the summer season for us is always when our boat is put away.  We might get out on it a few more times before it gets cold, but for now, we are just trying to think about how nice it will be to not be gone every weekend and to be able to enjoy some fun things around here!